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Meeting the needs of older people

Representatives from a wide range of organisations – including North Primary Care Trust, Sheffield Social Services Directorate, Sheffield Care Trust, Sheffield City Council Housing, South Yorkshire Housing Association, Age Concern Sheffield, and the Yemeni Carers Association – joined up with local elders and their carers for an away day looking at the needs of older people from all communities in the area.

The day was organised by Burngreave New Deal for Communities, which is charged with ‘shaping mainstream services’ and the aim of the event was to bring together community members and mainstream service providers to plan better provision for older people in Burngreave.

Around 50 people attended the event, and Health and Crime Theme Manager Magda Boo said it had been a real success:

“We were really pleased with the level of interest in the day, which was very productive with lots of ideas coming forward. Many of the suggestions backed up some of the provisional ideas we’d already had, so it felt as if we were on the right track.

“We also had a really useful discussion about the planned closure of Ellesmere in 2006 and Social Services were keen to encourage people to put forward ideas about what provision should be developed in its place.”