N.D.C. A New Deal for Burngreave. Issue 30, April 2003Issue 32 - June 2003

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The contents of these pages are prepared by the New Deal executive team.

Burngreave Limited!

Burngreave New Deal for Communities has now become a limited company, bringing greater independence and local control to the vital regeneration process.

For its first two years of operation, BNDfC has been overseen by a Partnership Board, with members drawn from the local community and voluntary and statutory organisations, but the change in status will mean that Board members – including the ten community representatives elected recently by local people – will become company directors with more direct control over the day to day running of the organisation.

According to BNDfC Chief Executive John Clark, the formation of the company is a landmark achievement:

“This development will place decision-making firmly in the hands of the community. We now have ten directly elected community representatives and three additional representatives from the local voluntary and community sector, all of whom will be company directors – giving local people enormous influence over the way forward for this exciting regeneration programme.”

Board Chair Rose Ardron says the decision to form a limited company should bring a broad range of benefits:

“Until now, we have had to rely on the City Council – the accountable body – to employ staff, make payments and carry out a whole host of other tasks on our behalf. The formation of the limited company means that BNDfC can do those things for itself – bringing both the decision-making about, and delivery of, regeneration projects closer to the heart of the community.

“Around 20 other New Deals around the country have already taken this route and we are confident that this is the right direction for us. Coming not long after the Government Office’s decision to award us delegated powers for expenditure up to £250,000, this latest development will further improve our ability to deliver change quickly and effectively to the people who need it most.”