logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 32 - June 2003

It’s my turn now
by Richard Lubowa

On Friday 2nd May the Connexions and Black CARD Youth Conference – “It’s my turn now” took place at SADACCA.

Beginning at 10am, Black CARD representative Mr Seaton Gosling welcomed and introduced us to the Youth Forum. We were then entertained by Irish dancing before being introduced to the many workshops. This consisted of Sheila Daley from the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Group, SACMHA, Northern Refugee Centre, SADACCA Recording Studio, Firvale Community Mentoring, Health Issues and Youth Offending Team.

At 11.15am Firvale School Headmaster Mr Hugh Howe addressed all those present on issues concerning youth development, Connexions and their links to local schools. Further entertainment was provided by Brook & Co – a local Rap group, before a chat show hosted by Emelia Kenlock. Before a break for lunch there was a political debate concerning issues that affect a generation of today’s youth.

Lunch was provided by SADACCA’s cafeteria staff and consisted of a large array of food, fish, chicken and rice, curried lamb, goat, salad, bread, cake, fresh fruit and drink.

After lunch at 1.15pm, we went back for the Youth Forum. Mr Asher then took the stage and asked searching questions concerning the lack of parental control and received many comments and answers from those in the audience.

This was followed by break dancing and the appearance of Metal Man, who moved robotically to the musical sounds of Michael Jackson. This was overall a very entertaining day that ended with a fashion show and a thank you to Trevor Carter, and the other organisers of this Youth Conference.