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Dear Messenger,

I wondered if any of your readers could help us find out any information about Reg’s grandad, John Edwards, whose birth name was John Edward Salt (sometimes spelled incorrectly as Sault).

He married his wife Harriet in Barnsley which is where all the children were born and registered – as SALT/SAULT. For reasons we are not yet sure of he moved to Sheffield and lived on Clun Street, we think from about 1910 onwards, possibly at number 20 at first. They were certainly there in the early 1920s and at that time lived at 2 Court 2 House Clun Street, where their neighbours were the Middletons and the Gees.

The children must have gone to school in the Clun Street area – they were George, Henry, Albert (he may have died before they moved to Sheffield), Mabel, Lily and Edward (known to all as Eddie).

John Edwards died of a “seizure” in the house on Clun Street on the 30th December 1925 (aged 50) and is buried in Burngreave Cemetery with his wife Harriet (she died in 1942). We believe that times were really hard for Harriet following his death, particularly as she had lost a leg through gangrene at some stage.

We think John worked at the Dannemorra Steel Works in the Wicker (he was an underground miner when he lived in Barnsley) because he played in their brass band. He was in the army in the Second World War and was a Lance Corporal. We do not know for sure whether Harriet lost her leg while living in Barnsley or Sheffield but I don’t imagine that every wife had just the one leg and we feel she certainly would have been well known on the street with only one leg and a crutch.

Anything that might help would be appreciated.

Jean and Reg Edwards

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