logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 32 - June 2003.

Com Rec gets its act together
by Lisa Swift

Money from BNDfC is helping the Council’s Community Recreation (Com Rec) department make a real difference in Burngreave. New workers and renovation of some facilities hopefully means activities will be better co-ordinated and there will be more for our young people to do.

Play Development
Pauline Hirst, a new area worker funded by New Deal and employed by Com Rec, will be supporting out of school activities for 4–15 year olds, with training for staff and volunteers. Pauline, based at Verdon Recreation Centre, will be helping co-ordinate holiday activities, something that has been desperately needed in the area for many years. She will be administering the Children’s Fund from now on, and will be producing a booklet about the summer’s activities which will be in schools at the end of June.

If you’d like to know more about training and support for young people’s activities please contact Pauline on 0786 699 8498.

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
The Playground has seen many improvements over the last year, New Deal funded the laying of a new kick pitch and the building of new structures with the help of local people. Co-ordinator, Richard and playworker Steve have now been joined by a new worker Clare and improvements continue with extra flood lights and indoor renovations. Richard told the Messenger,

“We want to encourage more groups to use the playground. Now we have a full team and with the help of other workers such as Pauline and the sport project workers, there’s more and more activities for kids to get involved in.”

The Playground is run by Com Rec but the the users’ group play an important role in deciding how the site develops. Richard is hoping to recruit new members, to get involved contact him on 203 9394.

Opening times
Term time: 3 - 8pm (closed Wed), Sat 10.30am - 6pm
Holidays: Mon - Sat 10.30am - 6pm (closed Wed)

Sports Development
Katy Burnett and Geoff Maltby have been employed by Com Rec and funded by New Deal to improve sporting opportunities for people in Burngreave. The project is being guided by a voluntary steering group, Burngreave Sports Network, who meet on the first Thursday of the month at Verdon Recreation Centre at 5pm.

The project will be focusing on young people with competitive as well as participation sports and they are looking for local people to volunteer to coach a variety of sports from football to skipping to netball! Katy explained:

“We are starting to develop a Burngreave Football Team and would like people to be involved in coaching, managing and administering the team. We can offer many opportunities in gaining sport and play-related qualifications, which could lead to paid employment within the project.”

For more information please contact Katy Burnett (Burngreave Sport Development Project Co-ordinator) on 249 1626.

Verdon Recreation
The centre now has an administrator, Michael Naylor (Mink), it is available to book seven days a week for community events, weddings, anything in fact. There are youth clubs on Monday and Wednesdays, 6–8pm (for ages 13+) and Tuesdays, 4–6pm (for ages 8–13). For more information contact Mink on 249 1626.

Sports Sessions
All free unless stated.

1.30–2.30pm, Aerobics, Earl Marshall Youth Club (EMYC), £1
6–7pm, Aerobics, Verdon Recreation Centre (VRC), 50p
6–7pm, Yoga/Chairobics, Black Women’s Resource Centre (BWRC)

9.45–10.45am, Gym Session, Women only, Cornerstones Gym, £1
11–12am, Gym Session, Men only, Cornerstones Gym, £1
1–2pm, Yoga/Chairobics, BWRC
2.30–3.30pm, Activities/yoga for 50+ with Agewell, VRC
1.30–2.30pm, Aerobics, EMYC, £1
4.30–5.30pm, Girls Multisports, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
6–7pm, Health Walk, VRC

6–7pm, Aerobics, VRC, 50p

1–3pm, Multisports, Christchurch, Somali Boys Club, TBC