logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 32 - June 2003

Carwood’s failing heating system
by Rob Smith

Contacted by Jean Wood, chair of All Saints Tenants and Residents Association (ASTRA), I went to speak to Adrian Ford, concerning the distress caused to local tenants due to a persistent failure in the district’s heating system.

Armed with a strong letter previously sent to Mr Ford from the chair of ASTRA, I enquired what the council housing department’s position was on this issue.

Adrian explained that they were aware of this problem and had sent out letters to all tenants whose lives have been affected. This went out on 6th May, apologising for any inconvenience caused and letting tenants know that the heating systems have now been repaired, adding that any claims for inconvenience will be investigated and those affected informed of that decision within the following month.

If you have a problem with services, get in touch on 242 0564 and we will highlight your concerns.

Community Celebration Day
To launch the final opening of Carwood’s newly revamped centre, ASTRA in conjunction with Ellesmere Youth Project (EYP) will hold a community celebration day on 14th June. Lorraine Blake of EYP explained, “the day should be a lively event with music, plenty of food, games and fun for all.”


Houses on the Carwood estate.