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The Community Learning Campaigners
by Mark Lankshear

At the recent New Deal engagement event on Ellesmere Green the Messenger met Mick Twigg, one of the new Community Learning Campaign team. After congratulations on his new job, I asked Mick what he thought the Campaign was all about.

"It’s not just about basic skills, it’s about giving people a chance to get skills that are relevant to them, to help them achieve what they want to achieve, be it creative writing or whatever."

So how’s the Campaign going?
Good, we’re just starting out, raising awareness, finding out what training people want and trying to get organisations like Sheffield College to provide it. One thing we know is that people want locally based training. I’ve been in touch with people on Carwood and we’re trying to get some IT courses going in the new community centre.

Why did you want to be a Learning Campaigner?
I was working nights at an old people’s home and didn’t see the ad until the last minute, but it seemed my ideal job. I’d always wanted to find my way into adult education. I admire the positive decision and motivation of adults who choose to learn something new. With this job I can get experience and qualifications as well seeing the benefits of my work in my own backyard.

How did you end up in Burngreave?
I grew up on the Manor, but there’s been a lot of demolition there. When our place went, about eleven years ago, I was 20 and I moved into a flat on Spital Lane. Then I moved to Carwood four years ago, so I’ve been here most of my adult life. It’s a great place to live. It annoys me when it gets a bad press, the media always focus on the negatives, but there’s so much positive going on.

Burngreave Community Learning Campaign are located in Forum House on Spital Hill and can be contacted on 279 4960.

Visit their new website at http://learning.burngreave.net

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Mick Twigg.