logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 32 - June 2003

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Burngreave Community Action Trust (BCAT) are ready and waiting to support community groups in Burngreave. New Deal will be funding BCAT for the next three years and with a full staff team in place they will be able to manage more projects for smaller organisations.

BCAT are managing projects including BitPart, Listen to Us, and Objective One money for Firshill and Firvale. They are also looking to manage the Language support agency project and are hoping to manage more New Deal projects in the future. BCAT are working closely with New Deal to encourage residents to get involved with the regeneration of their area.

New Staff members
Lynne Hoy, new BCAT Director, previous worked helping schools to introduce multicultural teaching, managing and raising £200,000 for the Sheffield Women’s Education and managing Bridge Employment.

Paul Haine has joined the staff as Finance Manager having come from an NHS finance background.

Mia Mustaphanin is now back with the BCAT team after leaving to work with the Area Panel team in Darnall. She will be working as a development worker helping projects to get started and develop.

BCAT also welcomes Val Jones, Resource Officer who starts 2nd June.

BCAF working groups
Children and Young People • 7.30pm, first Monday of the month, The Furnival, Verdon Street
Buildings • first Tuesday of the month
Adult Learning • second Thursday of the month
Health • starts 6.30pm, 19th June, Verdon Recreation Centre

Community Chest – Apply now
Groups or individuals can now apply to BCAT for up to £250 for ideas that will help regenerate the area, for example an arts project or self-defense course or community meetings. Please apply before 18th June for this round, but there will be other rounds in the future so get in touch if you have an idea.


(l–r) Georgina Valentine, Nolian Rankine, Kate Thompson, Owen Wright, Yusuf Ali, Mai Mustaphanin, Nicholaus Hall, Donovan Modest, Lynne Hoy, Paul Haine