Burngreave Area Panel.
Issue 32 - June 2003
Sheffield City Council.
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Area Panel Acheivements

Here are the things that you have made happen over the last year through your Area Panel meetings:

  • Carwood Community Centre – refurbished and soon to reopen
  • Environment Wardens – visits to Fir Vale shops to help them dispose of waste
  • Road Safety Work – Fox Street road humps and Bagley Road closure
  • Parkwood Landfill Site – changes to how site works and health survey underway
  • Fir Vale Forum – support and funding to help group set up
  • Burngreave Clean Team – Council team set up to help tackle litter and grotspots

These are only a few of the things that have happened and with your help we can do even more. Please come along to your next Area Panel meeting and have your say.

What is an Area Panel Meeting?

Sheffield City Council’s Area Action and the Area Panel is about

  • Voices – Having your say
  • Services – Changing what we do and how we do it
  • Regeneration – Creating new opportunities

What happens at Area Panel meetings?

Area Panel meetings happen in Burngreave every six weeks where things that are important to local people are discussed and decisions are made on what needs to happen. If you want to put an item on the agenda you can speak to your Councillor or contact us at the office. If you can’t do this there is always a time at your Area Panel meeting for you to ask questions on any issue that you think is important.

Who are the Area Panel?

Your Area Panel is made up of the Councillors who you have elected and who represent you when making Council decisions about Burngreave and the City.

Who else helps the Area Panel?

  • Joanne Roney, Executive Director of Housing and Direct Services at the Council supports your Area Panel in its work.
  • Stuart Bolton, Area Co-ordinator and Marilyn King, Support Worker give daily help to your Area Panel.


Area Panel meetings – a chance to find out what is happening and have your say.