logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003

Women Making a Difference
by Rose Ardron

What is our vision for Burngreave?

Over 80 women from across Burngreave and Fir Vale came together to share their ideas on how they would like to see the area improved for themselves and their families. Women enjoyed meeting each other and working together.

There were calls for local and accessible transport; improvements to the environment; educational opportunities for women and for young people; security and drug related issues were raised together with a call for improved community facilities and leisure opportunities; young people and people with disabilities were highlighted as groups to be supported. There was a strong call for action to be taken now on these issues.

In the afternoon a panel of key women decision makers and funding managers responded to the issues raised and each pledged one action that they would undertake as a result of the day.

The event was organised by Sheffield Women’s Forum working with women from the Burngreave community. A full report will be produced and distributed to everyone who took part – and will be used to follow up the pledges from the decision makers and funders!


Women share their ideas at the meeting.

“I enjoyed being able to work with a diverse group of women who face similar issues in the area.”

“It was great to see so many women having their say.”

“Women should be heard.”

Food buffet.