logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 30 - April 2003.

Waste site abandoned
by Andrew Green

Northern Waste Recycling, who ran a waste sorting site in Chatham, have abandoned the site and vanished without trace, leaving behind a vast amount of unsorted waste, derelict equipment and sheds, and a rodent problem for local residents.

The abandoned waste site.

A year ago the Messenger received complaints about the noise and dust created by the sorting process, and we discovered that the operators had permission to store 10,000 tonnes of inert waste temporarily, for processing. But much of the waste appeared to be permanently dumped.

Since then problems over the operation of the site had led to the Environment Agency issuing an order to prevent Northern Waste from receiving any more waste materials. A fire last year, which covered Burngreave in dense smoke, no doubt aggravated the operator’s problems.

Like all waste processors, Northern Waste should have made financial provision for cleaning up the site when they had finished with it. But it is feared that the costly clean-up will have to be paid for by Sheffield City Council.

he rubbish dump, at the city end of Pitsmoor Road and just below Rock Street and Verdon Street, has been blamed for providing a breeding ground for rats, as there was no vermin control on the site. Although the site still has planning consent for industrial use, including waste sorting and pulverising, local residents hope that it will be developed for residential use.

Contact: Environment Agency
01709 312800