logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003.

Somali community childcare plans

A Somali childcare project aims to break down barriers and hopes to ensure the Somali community share in the benefits of childcare and childcare jobs. The project involves a citywide feasibility study into childcare and training needs.

Somali women.

House to house interviews and focus groups at community centres across the city are being used to find out what the barriers are to childcare and training and to identify any Somali people with childcare qualifications or experience.

Interviews are being conducted by locally recruited Somali development workers and researchers. The project is co-ordinated by Chris Senior of Sheffield Community Childcare Network and Inclusion Officer Terry Garvey, supported by the Somali Project Steering Group headed by Fatima Musa from Ivy Lodge.

Terry said: “We know that people from ethnic minority communities are under-represented both within the childcare workforce and as users of childcare services. This survey will give us feedback about the Somali community and ensure there is true equality in the city’s childcare sector.”

A feedback event to share findings with the Somali community is currently being planned. For further details, contact Terry 203 9325 or Chris on 249 3451.