logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003.





Shops and buisnesses that feature most
by Rob Smith


Ellesmere Bakery
16 Ellesmere Road
272 3400

Entering the Bakery at around 10.45am, meant that a line of morning customers had already begun to form an orderly queue beside the large display of cold meat and sandwich fillers. Receiving smiles from the early morning sandwich making crew, I enquired who was in charge. “We’re all equal” quipped Yvonne shifting between the prawn salad and mayonnaise. “But our Cath, she’s been here the longest,” added Susan. Cath smiled in her usual way, “They call me mother they do,” she added with a bread cake and spreading knife held in each hand.

I don’t feel I need to add that Ellesmere Bakery has served this community as a major fast food outlet for so long. Cath told me that as a family run business and bakery shop it has been open for well over fifty years. The morning sandwich making crew were in full swing by 11.30am. Yvonne, Susan and both Cathys as well as all the bakery staff deserve community endorsement for always endeavouring to serve this community with warm polite and caring attitudes, not forgetting a nice array of fresh cooked bread, food and sandwiches.


Ellesmere Bakery.

John Heath & Sons Funeral Directors
2–16 Earsham Road
272 2222

I didn’t want to go there yet, but had an appointment with Jason Heath to discuss writing a feature on his constantly thriving family business. Heath’s has been here serving this community for well over a hundred years. He began to explain a little more about this long-standing family business, that was founded by Mr John Heath.

After tea and biscuits I decided dodging the coffins was a good idea for now, as not far away the hearse was drawn and everything groomed. I could see clearly that John Heath and Sons is a very respectable funeral parlour having been in business since 1880 has always served this community’s bereavements, treating people with great respect and leaving them to rest their family and loved ones with full pride and dignity.


John Heath & Sons Funeral Directors.

The Continental Food Store
159–181 Scott Road

Open since 1972 Bruce has been this continental store’s proprietor since 1979 he enjoys and loves being here in Burngreave. Serving as a tobacconist, sweets, soft drinks and confectionaries store, Bruce also informs me of the extra friendly services he often extends to local people. “I like helping people see Rob, like doing removals if they need that sort of help. I’m a man who will always try to assist others if I can.”

Situated at the Ellesmere Road entrance to Scott Road, Bruce’s continental food store is also proud to be of service to the community and its people.


The Continental Food Store.