logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003
Spotlight on Spital Hill

Recycling Matters

At present local people are forced to travel as far away as the Northern General to recycle their waste, there are no sites in Burngreave.

A new enterprise on Spital Hill, Recycling Matters, aims to address this problem when the shop opens as a recycling information and waste advice centre this summer.

“What we need now is volunteer help to work with staff on the interior of the shop,” explained Nicola – present co-ordinator of the new team. Funded by New Deal, the information bureau aims to increase our sense for recycling in Burngreave by giving advice, assistance and information on recycling and disposal matters.

“We will help people become aware of sustainable living and provide training in waste management, domestic composting and also a Credit Union collection point.” added new worker Mick Ashman.

“We also want people’s suggestions for recycling sites.” added one of his colleagues. To make any suggestions for this or any Recycling Matters, telephone 275 5055 or 0776 398 2406.


Staff at Recycling Matters.