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The contents of these pages are prepared by the New Deal executive team.

Message from John Clark, Chief Executive

Hi everyone. As I write this we are moving into year 3 of the Burngreave New Deal for Communities (BNDfC) programme with many reasons to be optimistic.

Year 2 saw a number of major achievements, including significant funding for a number of local organisations, such as Burngreave Community Action Trust, the Messenger and Green City Action - to undertake work in the area.

Other major initiatives to get off the ground included the Community Learning Campaign, The Safer Homes Scheme, and the recruitment of the Community Engagement Team.

Year 3 will see this progress accelerated, with the following developments coming through:

  • A Jobnet Centre in the old Volkspart shop on Spital Hill to help local people get a job or start their own business;
  • A grants programme to help local businesses improve the security and/or the appearance of their premises;
  • Restoration of the Vestry Hall as a Community Learning Centre will begin if plans are agreed through wider consultation;
  • Sorby House will be refurbished to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ of services and facilities requested by local people;
    A range of apprenticeships for school leavers ensuring they have the skills and support to secure and stay in work;
  • BNDfC will continue to work with schools to ensure that children from Burngreave have the appropriate support to make the most of their education.

We all know that Burngreave New Deal for Communities hasn’t had the immediate impact everyone wanted and expected. The reality is that New Deal won’t change the world. It won’t even solve all the problems in Burngreave. However, it can make a real difference and provide opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have.

I hope that some of the things that have started and are going to start this year inspire people to get involved in what is already happening and to attend Theme Groups and tell us what you want to happen in the future.

Theme Group Managers are committed to working with local people to identify and deliver solutions, but they need your help and support to achieve this.

Past differences need to be cast aside and we all need to work together positively – residents, businesses, public and voluntary sector organisations, BNDfC Partnership Board and staff alike.

It’s a challenge to us all but, in meeting it, we can make this a year to remember for Burngreave.


John Clark, Chief Executive.

Theme Group meetings

Education • 7th May, 6–8pm, Burngreave Library
4th June, 6–8pm, Firvale Secondary School

Employment and Enterprise • 7th May and 4th June, 1.30–3.30pm, Ellesmere Children’s Centre

Crime • 20th May, 6.30–8.30pm, Pitsmoor Methodist Church

Health • 12th May and 2nd June, 5.30–7.30pm, St Peter’s

Housing • 8th May, 6.30–8.30pm, BCAT meeting room

Environment • 22nd May, 6.30–8.30pm, Pitsmoor Methodist Church