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Return to learn in Burngreave!

18 local people have been employed as Community Learning Assistants in a major initiative, funded by BNDfC, aimed at raising the number of people in the area with recognised qualifications, increasing the level of basic skills in English, numeracy, computing and community languages, and improving access to vocational training which will give local people a head start in finding work.

Between them, the 18 Community Learning Assistants speak six languages – Somali, Urdu, Arabic, English, Punjabi and Pushtu – and Community Learning Campaign Manager Sheena Clarke is confident that their outreach work will prove invaluable in encouraging all sections of the community to get back into learning:

“The Learning Assistants will provide a massive resource for the Campaign – contributing both local knowledge and language skills to help us reach out to every household and workplace in the area.

“We aim to have a dramatic impact on the opportunities for learning in Burngreave, helping to identify courses for people who want to learn for fun, basic skills courses in English and numeracy, courses that will help parents support their children at school, and courses that enable people to gain skills and qualifications that employers are looking for.”


The Community Learning Assistants.
The Community Learning Assistants were given a warm welcome to their new workplace in Forum House by Sheena Clarke, BNDfC Chief Executive John Clark and BNDfC Chair Rose Ardron.