logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003

Hog in the limelight
by Andrew Green

Hardly the Hog.Hardly the Hog is the hero of a comic drawn by Burngreave graphic artist Alex Coward. Six issues of this resourceful animal’s exciting adventures have so far been published, and Alex is now working on a graphic novel, Prisoners of the Sun.

Alex has been drawing comics since 1998, with stories provided by his brother Jamie. Despite high praise from reviewers, they find it difficult to sell their comics because distribution is dominated by an American company, Diamond Distributors, and they want to distribute their work independently.

They are optimistic that the novel will break through the distribution barrier, since it will be available in bookshops, as well as specialist comic outlets.

You can get copies of Hardly the Hog comics from Sheffield Space Centre on the Wicker, Forbidden Planet on Matilda Street, or direct from the producers by writing to PO Box 1446, Sheffield S3 9YA, and sending £2.25 per issue (price includes postage).


Front cover of Hardly the Hog, issue 3.