logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003

Hilarian March-Jerome 1984 - 2003

Hilarian went to school at Firshill and then to Tapton High. He was a keen footballer and athlete, who was scouted by Rotherham and Matlock, and played for the Woodhouse Angels.

Hilarian will always be remembered as a joker but a true friend, he made people laugh and he had no enemies. Hilarian was involved with the Millenium Volunteers, he had certificates in scuba diving, fire training, first aid and awards from the Athletics Association. He was currently training to be a door supervisor. Hilarian was named after his father who in turn was named after a French black racing stallion. Although Hilarian lived in Wyburn he spent his time with friends in Burngreave.

The funeral was held at Christchurch with a full church, the casket was draped with the ancestral fighting tartan of the March family. He is buried at Concord Cemetery. His headstone has an inscription on it from his friends, “To a soldier, you had our back in life, We have your back now that you’re asleep.”

Hilarian died tragically in a car accident on Mother’s Day, and is sadly missed by all his family and friends. His mother would like to thank everyone who attended the open house before and after the funeral, and who told their stories and shared their memories of Hilarian. They helped the family get through a sad time.


Photo of Hilarian and kids.

My Hilarian

You are my world,
My life, My dreams,
My laughter, My Pain,
All the love I have to give is yours,
I see your face
I see your smiles
I’ll be with you soon
My love
Until that time
You live in me

Love Mum and Leona