logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003

Multiple Heritage Celebration

Over a hundred children and parents turned up at Verdon Recreation Centre for a celebration of the work of black and mixed race children with the Sheffield Multiple Heritage Service.

“It’s ground-breaking stuff” said David Bussue, Head of Sheffield’s Family Support Service, who introduced the event with pride. Pitsmoor has seen events before which celebrate different communities, but rarely has an event celebrated the rich heritage of our many mixed-race children, now one of the biggest groups of ethnic minority children in the City.

Organisers Fiona Miller, Sam Brand and Ruth McDonald, introduced the children and young people they had worked with from Parkwood and Firth Park schools. Certificates were awarded by boxing promoter Brendon Ingle, who spoke out against racism. Many of the children’s poems also reflected on the racism they had experienced, such as the one below.

I mean peace only
’Cos I am black,
Don’t try and hold me back.
For hundreds of years I’ve been judged by my skin,
You never take time to look within
You treat me like rubbish and chuck me in the bin
Why do I deserve this because of my skin?
Leave me, don’t tease me
Try and be me for one day and you will feel my pain
Hope you will think before you call me a name

Aiden Reece


Children display their certificates.

Multiple Heritage
Parents’ Day

Working together to support our children

Tuesday May 20th
from 5.00–7.00pm