logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003

Bat corridor for Roe Wood

The students and staff of Sheaf Training College have been planting over 500 trees between Roe Wood and Little Roe Wood to reunite the two pieces of woodland after centuries of being apart.

At present the lack of tree cover between the two woodlands is isolating the bat populations in the separate pieces of woodland. This corridor should help to maintain the numbers of the Pipistrelle bat, one of Britain’s smallest bats in and a protected species under international law. The link between the woods will help to increase the feeding area, the number of available nesting sites and breeding partners.

The planting scheme, which was organised by the Trees and Woodlands Team as part of the Burngreave Community Forestry Project, was one of a number of planting projects carried out in the city by different community groups, schools and other organisations. All of these groups have planted 35,000 trees so far this year with the backing of Sheffield City Council. The Burngreave Community Forestry Project is run as a part of the Burngreave Green Environment Programme.