Burngreave Area Panel.
Issue 31 - May 2003
Sheffield City Council.
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Stuart Bolton.The contents of these pages are prepared by Stuart Bolton, Area Co-ordinator for the Burngreave Area Panel.

Area Panel Environment Meeting

Everyone in Burngreave will be able to recycle paper and card by using the a new Citywide kerbside collection that is starting this year. This is some of the good news we heard at last month’s Area Panel meeting on the Environment.

Information was displayed about what’s happening about Burngreave’s roads, green spaces and street cleaning. People talked one-to-one with workers from the Council and Sheffield Wildlife Trust about what else needed to happen.

Rachel Wileman of Sheffield First for Environment told us about the draft Sheffield Environment Strategy that will help protect and improve our City and surrounding countryside. We also heard from Joice Richards about New Deal’s environmental projects for this year and then Nick Hetherington and Philip Horton updated us the Council’s work to clean and improve the safety of our streets.

People at the meeting felt that street cleaning needed to improve and to stop people dropping litter and dumping there needs to be education. People said they liked the Area Panel’s ‘Bring Out Your Rubbish’ days and that there should be more of these.

Unfortunately the daffodils planted by local people at the entrance to Parkwood Springs Open Space were all pulled up in a senseless act of vandalism. Good news is that the following day the new sign provided by the Area Panel was installed.

If you want to find out more about the Sheffield Environment Strategy call Rachel Wileman on 273 5171 or visit www.sheffieldfirst.com.

Also, all minutes and agendas for past Area Panel meetings are available on the Internet at www.sheffield.gov.uk


Cllr Jackie Field.
Cllr Jackie Field talks about changes to roads with Brent Collier