logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 31 - May 2003

All Saints Soccer School moves to Sheffield United Football Academy
by Rob Smith

All Saints Soccer School project manager, Patrick Edwards is proud to announce a Monday evening football programme inside the newly-built football academy.

Patrick explains: “This is just one piece in the jigsaw, kids can come here and learn basic skills and progress into more structured coaching or even play for established junior teams. The next step is to develop teams that can represent our community.” Anyone wanting to get involved can attend the next BSN meeting, held at Verdon Recreation Centre at 5pm, on the first Thursday in every month.

I went along to the Academy to observe first-hand the new facility and was introduced to a man called George Harrison, (not the pop star) who showed me around the large complex containing a large weights room, therapy suites, massage and fitness rooms, as well as the large Astroturf indoor football pitch. “This is open to community groups and organisations,” said George. “All they have to do is come along; book in and find out when and what time they can use it.” George also explained the many initiatives aimed at young undiscovered football talent.

“We have football coaching for young girls every week,” adds George, suggesting anyone interested should contact the Reception at the Academy on 261 7444.


Sheffield United Football Academy.

Sheffield United Football Academy with Firshill rooftops in view.