logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 30 - April 2003.

Seheli Drugs Impact Video Launched

Hundreds of local young people, parents and local workers packed Fir Vale School’s main Hall for the launch of a new video about the dangers of drugs. Young people from the Seheli Youth Group helped write and act out the video, which showed friends and family reacting to the death of a young Asian lad after smoking heroin.

Local young people with their certificates.

Youth worker Shaffaq Mohammed said the story was loosely based on the tragic death of a man in the East End of Sheffield. Joey Byrne from the 'Wotz the Crack?' drug project said overdose can occur from smoking heroin or ‘chasing the dragon’ especially where heroin is taken with other drugs such as alcohol or tranquilisers.

Seheli group leader Khadijah Ilyas awarded certificates to the young people who had been involved with the project.

Contact: Seheli: Khadijah Ilyas: 0776 675 2219

Wotz the Crack Drug Project: 278 7405 or 0776 675 4938