N.D.C. A New Deal for Burngreave. Issue 30, April 2003

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Championing Burngreave Business

Business in Burngreave will soon have its own Business and Enterprise Champion, whose role will be to encourage entrepreneurship and provide practical support and advice to small businesses, sole traders, and local residents who want to get their own business started.

The new recruit will head up an innovative initiative, funded by BNDfC, which will provide practical advice and support to remove the barriers that prevent residents from taking the risk of starting up in self employment, and tackle the issues facing the area’s businesses, such as isolation, lack of focused support from mainstream support agencies, few business start-ups, and a focus on survival rather than growth.

The Burngreave Creating Enterprise, Supporting Business project will initially run for two years, helping existing and potential businesses in the area by providing targeted support, and encouraging other businesses to consider relocating to Burngreave.

Two police officers from Abu Dhabi were in Burngreave recently to find out more about community policing.

The pair, whose visit was organised by the City Council’s Community Safety Unit, met up with Adrian Fox from the Burngreave New Deal Police Team for a briefing about the Burngreave approach.