N.D.C. A New Deal for Burngreave. Issue 30, April 2003

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The Burngreave Community Learning Campaign is coming your way!

The Burngreave Community Learning Campaign aims to have a dramatic impact on the opportunities for learning in Burngreave at all sorts of levels – helping identify courses for people who want to learn for fun, basic skills courses in English and numeracy, courses that will help parents support their children at school, and courses that enable people to gain skills and qualifications that employers are looking for.

After months of planning, the Burngreave Community Learning Campaign is up and almost running. Eighteen Community Learning Assistants have just joined the campaign team and, together with the Outreach Workers, they will soon be out and about, making contact with people from all sections of the local community – giving information and advice about local courses and helping adult learners deal with any difficulties they face in attending and staying on learning programmes.

If you are interested in going on a course and would like information on what is available, please ring us on 292 3160, or write to the Community Learning Campaign, Forum House, 35 Spital Hill, S4 7LD.