N.D.C. A New Deal for Burngreave. Issue 30, April 2003

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The contents of these pages are prepared by the New Deal executive team.

A vote of confidence for New Deal

Many thanks to everyone who supported Burngreave New Deal by taking part in the Partnership Board elections – either by voting or standing as a candidate. We now have a great team of 10 community representatives, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience onto the Board.

It is often said that communities such as Burngreave that suffer disadvantage are weakened, divided and fragmented. That is not the Burngreave that we all know; nor is it the Burngreave represented on the New Deal Partnership Board.

Burngreave New Deal for Communities is now moving into the third year of its ten-year life span. This will be the year when the promise of BNDfC starts to become a reality and Burngreave residents begin to see some results. It is crucial that this is the year when Burngreave New Deal starts to mean something positive to young people in the area.

To strengthen BNDfC during Year 3 we will work hard at:

  • bringing the community on board and widening the ways in which we do this;
  • listening to what people have to say and providing information on what we are doing in response;
  • making things happen and delivering results.

New Deal can only be as strong and successful as the spirit of the community who own and drive the programme; we must work together to find solutions. But we cannot deliver change on our own. We also need our partners in the mainstream agencies to identify their contribution to regeneration and to suggest proposals for improvement and change.

Working together we can make a difference.

Rose Ardron (Chair, BNDfC Partnership Board)