logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 30 - April 2003.

Along this ancient path
By Huw Thomas

“It’s radically different from anything that might be thought of as church”. Rev Martyn Snow of Christchurch, is explaining ‘Labyrinth’ – the medieval practice being recreated in his church this Easter.

Describing it as a “spiritual journey” Rev Snow explains Labyrinth as a path, laid out in the church building, that you walk through. Along this path are various simple activities including looking in a mirror, planting a seed and placing a stone in some water. As participants take part they are guided by instructions and thoughts on a CD Walkman. They all sound simple but Rev. Snow explains “Symbolic activities give an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with yourself, others, the planet and God”.

So what about those of us who don’t believe in, or struggle with the idea of, God? “Try it out anyway”, he responds “Come and take a look and have a go. I reckon wherever you’re coming from, along this ancient path, you will still find space to reflect on the things that matter. I don’t think we get enough of that”.

The Labyrinth will be at Christchurch, Pitsmoor Road on Saturday 12th 2–6pm or Friday 18th April 5–9pm.


The labyrinth.