logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 30 - April 2003

Between a rock and a wet place
By Gaby Spinks

Frog in pool with frog spawn.A Rock Street resident has recently had vandals throwing lumps of brick and concrete over her garden wall into the pond which have split the butyl liner.

At this time of year ponds are being taken over by the local frog and toad populations and she cannot empty the pond to replace the liner so every day she has to refill it with the hosepipe.

“I feel so angry for these harmless creatures, they only do good by eating garden pests and with the frog population decreasing so much I’d hate anything else to happen to my little colony”, she said. Frogs and toads are becoming increasingly endangered and every care should be taken to help them out.

“Neighbours are helping as they know where the frogs are heading. If they find any in their gardens or on the street they put them over our wall before they come to any harm”.

Two frogs with their heads poking above water.

She contacted the Messenger asking whether there were any local wildlife organisations who could help her.

We put her in touch with Sheffield Wildlife Trust (SWT) who are helping as much as they can. They are currently running a ‘Frog Hopline’ service. If you would like more information about frogs or local wildlife call the ‘Hopline’ on 279 2660 between 9am–12pm or SWT on 263 4335.

Burngreave Rangers have also been running Pond Dipping events at Crabtree Ponds. The last event was attended by 40 people, who helped catch and study a range of wildlife from frogs and their Cartoon: Troublesome kids walking along, "I wonder if those tadpoles have grown!". Unknown to them, they have - into six foot giant frogs, hiding in wait behind a wall!spawn to waterboatmen and other pond life. The next Pond Dipping session will be held on Thursday 29th May from 1pm.


Two cheeky looking frogs!
A frog sat underwater in a shell.
Frog photo.
Two frogs in water.