logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 30 - April 2003

Time to revive Carwood
By Andrew Green

Work has started on refurbishing Carwood community centre. Doors and windows will be protected to prevent vandalism and break-ins. Residents hope that it could function as an advice centre, with drop-in coffee mornings.

Although the estate still suffers problems of minor criminal damage, residents are optimistic that the forthcoming General Meeting of ASTRA, the All Saints Tenants’ and Residents Association, will lead to a revival of community solidarity. Local resident Jean Wood promises there will be plenty of good food provided, some of it vegetarian and Halal, in a bid to attract the whole community along.

Residents also hope that the shop could be reopened, as the estate has no facilities, apart from the Hallcar Tavern. Elaine Costello, the landlady, told the Messenger that six months ago cars had been burnt outside the pub, but since then there had been no problems. Trade has declined due to bad publicity, but with the reopening of the community centre, scheduled for June, the area should become more attractive again, and the empty properties will be filled.

ASTRA general meeting is on Monday 14th April 6.30pm at St Peter’s Church, Ellesmere Road.


Building work begins on Carwood.