logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 30 - April 2003

Green with envy
By Rob Smith

A local resident writes:

Dear Messenger

Will you help look after our bowling green?

I’ve been Crown Green Bowling for the past ten years, and look forward each Summer to playing in the Abbeyfield Park team. It’s a good time for me to not only keep fit, but to join with friends and have some fun. I suppose just like anybody any age, who takes part in a sport.

This year however it cannot be the same. During the winter months young people have played football on the green and completely destroyed it. I know what it’s like for young people, I’ve got a grandson of my own, but we have already given up one of our greens as a football pitch and there are nets in other areas of the Park.

People have been bowling in Abbeyfield Park since 1900, it is part of the heritage of the area and therefore something to be respected and looked after.

The park has agreed to try to repair the damage, but they cannot be there all the time making sure no one plays on it.

Parents, children and residents of Pitsmoor this is why I’m asking for you help.

Can you please encourage our young people to keep off the bowling green which is near the Barnsley Road entrance, to give it a chance to regrow. Can you keep an eye on it, so that bowling can continue in this area for many more years. Can we be a community who looks out for each other?

The Messenger to the rescue

Who’s Who in Environmental Services


Archive picture of people playing bowls.