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Stuart Bolton.The contents of these pages are prepared by Stuart Bolton, Area Co-ordinator for the Burngreave Area Panel.

Second Round of Community Chest Awards

Your Area Panel met at the beginning of March to decide on the second round of the Burngreave Area Panel Community Chest fund (see right).

Sixteen different groups applied but we could not give money to them all and it was a tough job to choose who was successful. We wish all the groups every success in their work and hope they will come to an Area Panel meeting to tell us how they’ve got on.

Area Panel Meeting Report

Did you know that a girl born and brought up in Burngreave could live up to 12 years less than a girl born and brought up in another part of Sheffield like Ecclesall? It is things like this that made the last Area Panel meeting about the issue of health so important.

At the meeting Jeremy Wight and Gary McCulloch told us what the North Sheffield Primary Health Care Trust was going to do to improve the health of people in Burngreave and reduce the differences between Burngreave and other parts of the city. They told us about the work the Health Action Zone been doing for people since 1999. We also heard from Magda Boo about the work funded by the New Deal for Communities Health Theme and the plans for more projects to help people around issues like drugs, health education and being more active.

Residents at the meeting said they felt that something needed to be done to help dentists to take on extra patients and that there needs to be more work to help people with mental health problems.


Kids and staff at the Ellesmere Out of School Club.
Ellesmere Out of School Project

Working with children to look at what they need for play £200

St James Parents and Toddler Group
Family day out to give time for fathers and children to play together £200

ASTRA (All Saints Tenants and Residents Association)
A multicultural social evening for everyone in the area £200

Seekna Women’s Group
Community event for International Women’s Day £200

Burngreave Historical Society
Producing a video on Burngreave’s local history for people who find it hard to get out £146

Yemeni Education and Relief Organisation
Community open day to let people know about the project £200

Firshill Tenants and Residents Association
A bench for their local community garden £20