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Sure Start Relaunch!

Amanda Boughton-Brown, new Programme Manager for Burngreave and Fir Vale Sure Start, is interviewed by Ian Clifford, Burngreave's LEA Family Support Officer.

Amanda, what did you do before and what attracted you to Burngreave and Fir Vale Sure Start?
I started as a Social Worker in 1990 and later worked for Refugee Lifeline, but all this time I covered the Burngreave and Fir Vale area. I've lived in the area myself and my parents still live here. It's really the diversity of the area that attracted me. I can't think of a better area of Sheffield to work in really.

How will the new Service Level Agreements (SLAs) make sure that targets for helping under 4s in the area are met?
SLAs always aimed to work towards the targets, but we are firming these up to make sure they relate specifically to the Sure Start targets. Targets will be achieved through mutual support and the process of quarterly review with community providers has already started.

What will the restructure of the Sure Start staff team mean?
The Family Support Team will continue to offer a home visiting and outreach service, but a new Early Years Team will encourage speech, language, numeracy and literacy; support toddler groups; organise crèches and encourage learning through play. A trained midwife will take on Health Co-ordination: supporting ante- and post-natal classes, breast feeding, and children's healthy eating and health issues. Finally, new Parental Involvement Workers will empower parents to get involved in the running of Sure Start and to set up and run the groups they want in the area.

Many parents want practical support. Is the programme moving away from this?
Sure Start is not moving away from giving practical support, but it must be part of a package. Sure Start will work alongside parents to support them to take over those practical tasks.

How will Sure Start help change what mainstream services do in the long run?
Local people have a brilliant opportunity to suggest different ways of meeting the needs of a diverse group of service users. Sure Start must review the quality of these services and make sure the statutory agencies take over the funding of those services that work well.


Amanda Boughton-Brown, new Programme Manager for Burngreave and Fir Vale Sure Start.

Children's Party

Monday 31st March
9.45am - 2.00pm

Verdon Street Recreation Centre

SureStart, Burngreave and Fir Vale.

Come and find out about the new Sure Start Structure and how families with young children in the area will be supported. (Transport available for families living in the Fir Vale area).

There will be a presentation on the restructuring of Sure Start, information and stalls from local providers.

Food will be provided, with a crèche and party for children under 4.

For more information please contact Sure Start on 0114 244 3887.