logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 29 March 2003





Connexions Youth Conference
by Rob Smith

Monday the 24th marked the first day of the half-term holidays and amidst an array of youth activity, Connexions held a large youth conference bringing together statutory bodies and local community.

Having opened with a brief introduction to the day, the youths attending went off to do an array of activities based around Firvale School facilities and gymnasium, courtesy of Interserve. Photography workshops alongside a break dancing class with MC Nigel; basketball and football took place organized by Patrick Edwards - Caribbean Sports Development Worker.

While the children played, adults sat huddled into groups, discussing how each others working practices could be improved and interlinked for the better future of the youths of both Fir Vale and Burngreave. Then it was time for food, laid out by staff and sponsored by Connexions and Sheffield Futures.

Later the young people made a presentation of what they wanted to see in the area, including:

  • Accessible transport and mini-buses to allow frequent trips
  • Resources for learning like books, magazines and newspapers
  • More homework clubs and rewards for hard work
  • More IT Facilities and easy access to computers
  • Internet access to help with homework
  • Sports Facilities and sports for boys and girls, like volleyball
  • Access to sports halls and leisure centres
  • More outings and residentials to enjoy ourselves


Connexions youth conference, bringing together statutory bodies and local community.