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Logo: Sheffield Multiple Heritage Service.Celebrate our Roots

Sheffield Multiple Heritage Service supports mixed-race children and their families and is working to secure New Deal money to work in Burngreave schools. Co-ordinator, Simon Barth, told the Messenger, "We are aiming to raise the young people's self esteem by helping them feel more positive about both sides of their heritage."

These fantastic poems (see right) were produced at the recent 'Celebrate our Roots' residential. Young people from Firth Park, Firvale and Hinde House schools took part.

Young people working on their poems.All about me at School

I get up in the morning
to go to school, a same
old day.
I get in school, there is
that girl who diss me
of my colour.

It comes to dinner time.
She is there in my
face dissing people because
they are black + brown.

I don't want to fight and
I don't want to diss but
if you want to start
then let me tell you this.
Bring It On!

Lorina Martin


My name is Nikki
I am twelve years old
Black bitch, Black bitch how have you got the
right to call me Black bitch
I am half black and half white.
Half of my family are white and the other half of
my family are black.
I am unhappy. I am upset.
Your words destroy my feelings.
Sticks and stones can break my bones,
but calling names can sometimes hurt.

Nikki Marie

Young people working on their poems.Black and White

My name is Sierra
I am 12 years old
If I had one wish it would be
For all the people in the world to live in harmony

I don't like fighting
I don't like wars
I don't like people arguing
Not even a lion's roar

People call me 'black'
People call me 'white'
Well I'm not bothered
As long as they don't fight

There are so many names
That is used to describe me
' black', 'white', 'brown',
' dual heritage', 'half-caste', and 'mixed race'
Just remember, no matter what you call me
I will always be a member of the human race!

Sierra Jordan

Young people working on their poems.True love

I love my colour
I love my race
I love the smile that brightens up my face
I love the history of my people and how they fought all the evil

I'm proud of my appearance
I'm proud of my creed
If I keep my faith I will succeed
Black is beautiful
Black is colourful
I'm glad I'm mixed nobody can call me dull

People call me white like I don't know my dad
your comments don't count
I just think you're sad
If you look into my eyes
Tell me what do you see
Or all the negative people all I see is envy


The bullies

My name is Leroy and I don't get picked on
but I know who does,
they call him nigger, packi, burnt toast, slave and white trash,
you know all those racist names.
Sometimes they beat him up
until he cries and gets really upset.
He gets done off teachers.
I feel sorry for him because all he wants is to live in
peace with the rest of the world,
he must feel like a reject.


Thanks to Jahanara Begum, Pam Allen, Dervin Anderson and all parents and children who contributed to the residential.

For a copy of the book containing these poems and more, or to book a place on a Parental Awareness workshop, organised with Black Palm at SADACCA on 12th March contact Simon Barth, Family Support, 0114 273 5446.

All parents, black or white, of African Caribbean and mixed-race children are welcome.