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Woodside rubbish
by Rob Smith

Following our recent coverage of the decline on Woodside, the Messenger received the following press statement:

Sheffield City Council logo.Executive Director
Housing and Direct Services

Working for Woodside

All the City Council’s plans for Woodside have been drafted following an extensive consultation exercise with tenants and residents in the area.

As a result of the feedback we received, we conducted door-to-door visits that included the wavy-top houses as well as flats and maisonettes. Indeed, the “devastated resident” of issue 26 (November 2002) that says she hasn’t been informed of our intentions should have received at least three written notices and two personal visits; and we do always leave a contact card if someone’s not at home.

Contrary to a perception of neglect, let me reassure you that we have maintained a visible presence on Woodside. There has been no reduction in estate services, and we have environmental teams working on the estate on a daily basis to counteract vandalism and dumping. In fact, working with New Deal for Communities has allowed us to ensure regular police patrols, to support our Housing officers who are regularly on-site with rent, neighbour and rehousing visits.

No decision has, as yet, been made with regard to the future use of the land. Government advice suggests it be left for five to ten years to allow an increase in value before any definitive plans are made. Though the Council will work with New Deal for Communities on any community-based proposals for the site. We will, of course, maintain our services to the area and continue to keep everyone informed of our long-term plans to help regenerate Woodside.

Joanne Roney


Having recently been a resident in an upside-down house on Pye Bank Close, it occurs to me that Joanne Roney either hasn’t been near Pye Bank and Woodside, or is again taking an official stance that continues to look down on normal everyday rent and council tax paying people, as ignorant fools whose lives don’t matter.


Conducting our own survey, we allowed local Woodside and Pye Bank residents to view and comment on this recent release from the bowels of the council housing department...

Rubish on the Woodside estate.

Woodside resident: “A load of rubbish.
If that’s what they’ve wrote, that is rubbish.”

Pye Bank resident: “We need things for the teenagers - what they have said they do here is all rubbish. They do nothing for us here.”

Fox St resident: “They want to get their facts right. There’s nothing doing around here, it’s been neglected for many years.”

More rubish on the Woodside estate.Tina Lord, Pye Bank: “Ridiculous what they said. There’s nowt here for kids, that’s why they vandalise the place, I’ve lived here since I was 10 and watched this decline like.”

Mr & Mrs Bryan, Andover St: “We don’t see anybody cleaning our streets, it’s a mess. We feel ashamed coming in and out of the place.”

Denise Mannion: “The council has told one story whilst conspiring to line their own pockets. My guess is they’ve already sold the land to private developers.”

Tina Mannion: “At the end of the day the council will follow whichever course makes them the most money.”

Woodside resident: “We need shops and resources for children. This area is dangerous, more than bad for our children.”

The neglect of Woodside.