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Shops and buisnesses that feature most
by Rob Smith


Keith Laycock Jewellers
84 Spital Hill,
Tel: 0114 272 7009

Keith Laycock was the name of a man who opened this small jewellery store back in the year 1924. Now his son Keith, who began working as a teenage apprentice, is now 65, which means this family has been serving from the heart of our community for well over fifty years.

Keith Laycock is a fellow of the British Gemmological Institute (gems stones) and a Fellow of the Horological Association (clocks and watches). Like his father, Keith has passed on this knowledge and family trade to his cousin’s daughter Becky.

Following in the family footsteps, Becky now manages the jewellers shop and also explains being qualified in all aspects of gemstones and jewellery. Barbara, known locally as Mrs L, humbly admits to only being the wife of Keith Laycock and also a member of the office staff.

“In recent years we have also become a pawnbrokers, which has helped many people in the community” Mrs L told me.

As I was about to leave, directly on time from behind the scenes, the old watchmaker appeared. Introduced to me as ‘Steve the old watchmaker’, he also began working here at the age of fifteen.

“And, he very rarely makes an appearance,” explains Mrs L. I was truly honoured.


Keith Laycock Jewellers.

Steve Bennett Tyres
Unit C, Kilton Hill
Burngreave, Sheffield.
Tel: 0114 270 0752

Steve Bennett began a tyre and car battery repair garage in our community many years ago. Sadly he recently passed away and left this business in the hands of his sons, Steve and Richard.

Both lads, who began as apprentices from school, have kept this business up and running for over 17 years. Steve says he loves this area and that they have always tried to establish themselves as a unique service to the Burngreave community.

“We do brand new tyres and seconds, batteries and exhausts at a range of community affordable prices, so look no further than Steve Bennett Tyres. Does that sound alright Rob?”

“Yeah, I guess that’ll do it Steve.”


Steve Bennett Tyres.