logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 28 February 2003





Pitsmoor is my home

‘Pitsmoor is my home’ graffiti was the opening shot on the video made by young people from Ellesmere and Carwood last summer.

The video, managed by Ellesmere Youth Project (EYP) and Connexions, showed local young people asking each other questions like ‘what’s it like living in Carwood?’, ‘what can be done to make it a better cleaner place to live and play?’ It took a lot of courage for the young people (especially the older ones) to sit down and be filmed. They talked about their feelings about respect and responsibility as well as their environment, rubbish and vandalism.

The video showed that local kids wanted to be listened to rather than have masses of money spent on them. Burngreave Area Panel is now listening, and is keen to help future projects.

Last year Carwood dealt with much unrest but now seems to be improving. The video shows there is another side to the young people and it’s not all bad.

EYP have offices in Pitsmoor Methodist Church, with two part-time workers and a group of committed volunteers, although they spend most of their time working with youth around Ellesmere. To join the volunteers, contact Philip Hoppner on 275 5260


The "Pitsmoor is my home" graffiti.