logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 28, February 2003





Stop the Violence

Just let go of your power
by Ruggy Johnson

I was deeply encouraged at the way individual members of our community expressed themselves clearly and passionately at the recent meeting. This was the voice of our community.

People wanted to look at what we are getting from the police and exactly what is being given to them to do their job. They supported moves to find representatives from the black and Caribbean community to forge improved relations with the police and bring transparency when dealing with community funds.

The professional mindset ‘we know best’ has to change. We have to say back to them “Stop preaching about empowerment, just let go of your power and it will come back to you.”

The community has the power to overcome their problems. People power can save lives, it can change laws and can change the environment in which we live.


Flowers outside a door.