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Radio Ramadan success
by MHA Khan

Fast FM, 106.6 FM, hit the airwaves between 6th November and 7th December 2002 with a record number of listeners, the most successful broadcast ever and better programming and organisation.

Radio Fast FM Controller – Matloub Husayn Ali Khan spelt out the highlights at the Eid Celebration dinner held at Karachi Stores in December, hosted by Muhammad Shabir Mughal and the Radio Fast Team.

Local presenters included Mustafa from Al-Noor Bookshop, Ellesmere Rd, with his late night hit show ‘Purpose of life’ and the regular ‘Good Morning/Interview’ co-presented by Zafar Sardar and Matloub H-A-Khan.

Other popular programmes included the Children’s show, Women’s (Noor-e-nisa) show and the Early morning (Noor-e-Sehr) show. The broadcast had a range of programmes aimed at providing information on Islam and removing the misunderstandings that surround the Islamic faith.

Also, part of Ramadan is about Zakat – Charity (the 4th Pillar of
Islam) and once again over £22,000 was raised in the Radio Fast
FM Charity Appeal and funds were handed over to the respective
charity organisations at the Eid Dinner as well.

The monumental success of Ramadan Radio proves that having an
independent Community Radio station in our area is an exciting
development. As the community of Burngreave found out during
the PCM Radio broadcast in March/April 2001 – radio places
information at your fingertips and increases access and participation.


The Fast F.M. team.

Young people at the Fast F.M. mixing desk.