Burngreave Messenger

Issue 27 December 2002





Recycling progress
by Andrew Green

Kerbside collections of separate paper and card waste will be started next year throughout Sheffield except in those places such as blocks of flats where there’s no space for households to keep another bin, according to Sheffield waste disposal contractor Onyx.  But Onyx also told the Messenger they have no plans to extend kerbside collections to other kinds of sorted waste, or to do anything to improve on the government’s minimum 18% target for waste recycling.

Burngreave has virtually no places where residents can take rubbish such as bottles and cans for recycling. Onyx told us:
“Our Recycling Officer is currently investigating the feasibility of installing two new bring bank sites in the Burngreave area.
“We are in contact with the Area Co-ordinator who is assisting us to identify potential recycling bank sites.”

The recycling officers at Onyx also like to hear from local residents about suggested sites. If any of your readers know of anywhere that they think may be suitable please contact our recycling office on 0114 228 3630.

SCRAP are also launching New Deal sponsored recycling centres (see "Going Green" in the New Deal for Burngreave pages for more details).

Onyx plan to refurbish the Shirecliffe dumpit site as a recycling centre next year.  Asked whether this means that the Shirecliffe site will continue in existence despite residents’ objections, spokesperson Lisa Came said that it was not up to Onyx to decide whether to keep a site open – they simply have a contract from the council to run existing sites.  They will make a planning application relating to the development next year.