Burngreave Messenger

Issue 27 December 2002





Police claim success
by Andrew Green

148 arrests were made by the New Deal police team between April and August this year, and 149 items of information were received from the public – described as ‘very valuable’ intelligence by Inspector Trevor Bichard at a public meeting called by South Yorkshire Police Authority on 14th November.

Stop and search operations continued, with 176 searches conducted, 53% of them on white people. The police received no complaints.

Inspector Bichard claimed police work in Burngreave had been a success, with only two serious violent incidents in the last two months. But a member of the public said that following a shooting incident involving an airgun at Ivy Lodge Clinic, police took 45 minutes to arrive – this is outside the New Deal area, so the New Deal police team were not responsible for the slow reponse.

Police operations in the area discovered illegal immigrants and overstayers. Large scale operations will continue, Inspector Bichard promised. Other police departments including the Drugs Squad are involved, and results affecting major drug dealers are expected soon.

Much more drugs-related crime has been recorded – but that is simply the result of their intense activity, police say. A member of the public reported open sales of drugs from cars on the street. The police claim that fewer people are coming from outside the area to buy drugs or to muscle in on the drugs trade. Doncaster police are said to be outraged that the drugs trade has moved from here to their patch!

The CCTV cameras at Ellesmere Green have made a big difference, Superintendent John Brennan said. No one should imagine that surveillance is restricted to one location. Covert surveillance cameras are in use at secret locations all over Burngreave, regularly and consistently.