Burngreave Messenger

Issue 27 December 2002





The Platinum Lounge
Sheffield’s First R&B Dance Club
by Rob Smith

Hearing by word of mouth that a new club was opening around Attercliffe Road and not knowing what to expect I set off to investigate these claims.

Arriving around 8pm at the premier opening of Sheffield’s first R&B Dance Bar, I discover it’s an initiative of a family from Sheffield, with most of the work carried out by many of our local young people.

Introduced to Carol Moxam, firmly in charge of this new venture I could see how proud she was at having successfully opened these new premises.

I sat at the bar on a large silver stool, sipping a glass of champagne and mazing at how much work had gone into the fine details of the club. For me definitely matching the standards of any city centre establishment.

The music playing was chilled and the uniformed girls behind the bar added more finesse and style to this ambience. The décor is mellow blue and the small dance floor space enough to hold a crowd. A seating area is positioned deeper inside and clearly seen from the resident DJ position in the corner of the dance floor. Upstairs takes you to another level and although the club is presently only licensed for pubs hours. It is clearly ready to throw our nightly entertainment into a new dimension.

Seeing clearly an initiative propelled along with help from local young people, I wanted to find out more. Allowing time for the weekend’s party dust to settle, I planned again on meeting Carol Moxam to discuss the club, its foundation and future prospects.

“Hi Carol?”

“Hi Rob…”

Carol explains, how she’s wanted for some time to run her own business and seized this initiative to create Sheffield’s first local R&B dance bar.

“Employing local people is a priority for me Rob,” says Carol, who insists that businesses should give back to local communities and help influence the economy of the area. Tight security surrounding the Platinum Club is added by 24-hour CCTV surveillance as well as the presence of two uniformed doormen.

“Our relationship with the local police has been very good and very supportive of our security and the club’s future,” explains Carol adding that the security and well being of the club’s clientele is a major priority for the Platinum Lounge management. With opening hours at present running from 11am to the nightly hour of 11pm, the Platinum Lounge R&B Dance Bar rates top of my list of pre-citycentre nights-out. This is Rob Smith listening to the coolest R&B while reporting from inside Sheffield’s newest nightly venue.


Platinum Lounge "Sandwhich Board"
Carol Moxam
Customers at the bar.