Burngreave Messenger

Issue 27 December 2002





Best of PALS
by Mark Lankshear

…when you need advice, have concerns, or don’t know where to turn.

The North Sheffield Primary Care Trust (PCT), our local NHS organisation, spends £125 million pounds each year on our health. This month saw the official launch of their new Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) that aims to improve services to NHS patients.

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We’re here to help                                   

Jeanette MillerJeanette Miller, manager of the new service, told the Messenger that the service will put patients at the heart of the new NHS in everything it does. It will be the first point of call for people who have any concerns about their care, who need advice on finding services they may need, and will listen to any suggestions people may have for improving health services.

If you think you need the help of PALS, contact Jeanette on:

Tel: 0114 226 2360

E-mail jeanette.miller@sheffieldn-pct.nhs.uk


What will PALS offer me?

  • Advice and support for you and your family.
  • Provide you with information on NHS services.
  • Listen to your concerns, suggestions and queries.
  • Help you to sort out NHS problems quickly.

Maxay PALS ii qaban doontaa aniga

  • Talo iyo taageero adiga iyo qoyskaaga
  • Laguu helo macluumaadka l axariira NHSta
  • L a dhageysto wel welkaaga talooyinkaaga ama su’alahaaga
  • Lagaa caawiyo adiga dhasqsi u xalinta dhibaatooyinka NHSta