Burngreave Messenger

Issue 27 December 2002





ASTRA is Born
by Drew Dallen (Resident and ex-chair)

A handful of All Saints residents have been slowly but steadily building a relationship with the Council over the last two years. On 12th November their dreaming and hard work was rewarded when over 40 people attended the first meeting of ASTRA (All Saints Tenants and Residents Association) in St. Peter’s Church Hall.

All Saints already has £10,000 of funds and we can now apply for much more if we choose. The building up again of several play areas neglected or removed by the council was mentioned by one committee member as important; Carwood’s dilapidated community building is being discussed as a major issue and we have been offered daffodils for our public open spaces if someone will plant them! From the little things to the big things, there is real partnership beginning here. All Saints residents, you are part of your community, give us your ideas and support.
Ellesmere Youth Project were mentioned as important partners to ensure true community representation. The issue of youth involvement in the decisions being taken for our community was accepted as both important and desirable. We look forward to negotiating ways of working together.

Jean Burley, Area Manager for Housing Services, who chaired the meeting, promised continued support from the council until the group was ready to go it alone. New Deal and BCAF were represented and offered their support too. This is good news for all Burngreave. It will be easier now for all other areas of Burngreave to develop their Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations (TARAs).

An eight strong committee with a healthy mix of age, ethnicity and residents and tenants was voted in, with Jean Wood of Carwood as the Chair. There will be a newsletter sent out in the Spring to keep everyone in All Saints informed.

John Clark, Executive Director of Burngreave New Deal for Communities, encouraged us all by saying this was the right time to get involved because the resources are there waiting to help us make things happen. Thanks to John for making time in a busy schedule to attend.

Angela Vennells, our TARA development worker on 273 5566, would like to hear from you if your area is as yet unrepresented, or whose organisation has recently collapsed. Angela is very aware of the difficulties there are, particularly in the first stages of organising and would like to see all Burngreave represented equally. Special thanks to Adrian Ford of Housing and to Angela. All Saints would not have succeeded without your help.