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Shops and buisnesses that feature most
by Rob Smith


The Awrfuul Café
8 Grimesthorpe Road
Tel: 0114 275 8848

Situated in Grimesthorpe Road is the Somali run café called Awrfuul and from were I stood outside the main front door, I could see a game of pool taking place. Making my way further inside and towards an eating area, I found myself quickly sat at one of the finely laid tables.

The Awrfuul café’s proprietor soon introduced himself as a Mr Ibrahim Jama and he’d been expecting my arrival. Inviting me to sit and eat he began to explain the many dishes and delicacies that he and his little chef Mohamed Abdula, prepared on a daily basis. Swiftly placed in front of me was a bowl of hot soup quickly accompanied by a plate of small meat and vegetables alongside a dish of salad and a large square shaped chapati. Smiling as he sat opposite, the proprietor explained that this café had been open for nearly three years and that he cooked the best Marak in Sheffield. Of course he had to explain to me just what Marak was. “A chicken dish.” he added saying that they also cooked fresh Halal meat dishes. “ Fresh lamb and beef, meat sauce and soft drinks, salad everything,“

I could see he did a Take Away service as people came and left with carefully wrapped containers of food. “We also do deliveries “Ibrahim added observing me watching those around me. The food was very nice and allowed me a real true taste of Africa’s South Coast, without stepping out of the community I reside in. This is Rob Smith reporting from a very tasty position in Grimesthorpe Road Burngreave.


The Awrfuul Café.

Staff in the Awrfuul kitchens.

MOTORWISE National Accident Claims
22 Firth Park Road, Fir Vale
Tel: 0114 242 1011

With companies spreading out all over the country, this newly opened specialist in personal injury now has an office open to serve the people of both Fir Vale and Burngreave. Motorwise personal injury claims was established just over 4 years ago and has its main head office in nearby Derby, explains Shekel Aziz, a local entrepreneur and the youngest brother of two of the company’s partners. “This branch of the business only opened five months ago,” he adds.

Specialising in road traffic accidents, slips and trips, accidents at work, industrial illnesses, employment claims, trains, boats or aeroplane claims, shopping accidents, medical negligence cases and much more. The Motorwise mission statement is to provide their clients with the most effective and friendly claims service throughout the country. Win or lose no fee to you! To contact the Motorwise claims manager or to arrange a home visit call their 24 hour business helpline on 0800 298 2422.


MOTORWISE National Accident Claims, 'The Personal Injury Specialists'.

A member of staff working at their desk.