logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 25 October 2002.

Moving on up

Carrwood House has existed for over 10 years in the centre of Burngreave. It is a private residential centre for adults with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

Anne Hudson, the manager, explained there are 3 levels of support provided to residents.

1. The main house - which provides constant support and care for residents.
2. The cottages - which is for residents who can live semi-independently.
3. The Self help house - which is for residents who need minimum care, the aim is promote independence and self care.

The house provides 33 beds and is complemented by a full range of staff. Over the last 9 years Carrwood House has been effective in channelling residents into colleges, day centres, drop in centres and work orientated training. This helps residents to use their skills and promotes independence.

Staff at Carrwood are also working with local organisations to ensure residents are seen as part of the community in Burngreave and to bring local workers into Carrwood to enhance the skills of residents. New and innovative ways of working are taking place including a 10 week course on art and drawing, which has been organised by Tony Tingle from the Life Long Learning Education service.

Anne explained “last year was the first time residents were taken abroad which was very successful and a two week holiday for 16 residents to Majorca is planned for October this year. The residents are really excited about it”.

A gardening project for residents called FOCUS ( Focus on Creative skills) is being set up. Residents will have an allotment to grow fresh fruit and produce, and encourage their gardening skills. So how does this benefit the health of residents? Anne replied “This has huge benefits. It gives them new skills, builds their self esteem and confidence, gives them the opportunity to grow and use fresh produce and gives them a sense of achievement. Carrwood House is about improving their quality of life and creating a sense of health and wellbeing.”

To find out more about Carrwood House contact Anne on:
243 9808

Carrwood House.