logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 25 October 2002.

Community forestry – towards a green & healthy Burngreave

Would you like to be involved in a project that will benefit the community for the next 200 years and more?

The Burngreave Community Forestry Project intends to plant trees across the New Deal area and beyond over the next three years, on council land and, subject to consent, private property, including individual gardens. It will also include projects which aim to improve health and celebrate cultural diversity. It’s a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved, to make a real and permanent change for the better to our community, the local economy, the environment and the landscape.

Trees are a vital part of our life support system. For example, a single mature tree will produce enough oxygen for 10 people to live. Five mature trees can help offset the harmful emissions of a single car. Six trees are required to counterbalance the amount of paper discarded by the average family of four every year. Yes, we need more trees!

How can you get involved?

It is hoped that local residents, schools and community groups will be at the heart of the project - involved in all the different elements, at all levels, from planning and decision making through to implementation, actually planting and tending the trees in partnership with the Council.

For more info contact:
Richard Gill, Community Tree Officer, Sheffield City Council, Parks, Woodlands & Countryside, Meersbrook Park, Brook Road, Sheffield S8 9FL

Tel: 0114 2734190

e-mail: richard.gill@sheffield.gov.uk

The Community Forestry project is part of the New Deal Green Environment project, now fully approved.The Messenger will bring new of the many projects to improve Burngreave’s green spaces in our next issue.