logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 25 October 2002.

Burngreave fire fighter
leading recruitment drive
by Shaffaq Mohammed

Burngreave resident and Leading Fire Fighter Delroy Galloway (pictured centre) is leading an initiative to improve the number of applicants from ethnic minority groups.

Delroy, who recently took up his post as a Specialist Recruitment Officer, has been employed with the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for the past six years. Whilst he acknowledges that his own journey into the service wasn’t an easy one it has proven to have been well worth the time and effort.

The recruitment process can feel like a task in itself and may take up to 12 months from the application stage and then through the selection process before a potential trainee can secure a place on the initial 11 week training course. On successful completion of the training course you can be asked to serve at any one of the 19 wholetime stations in the South Yorkshire Area.

The job by its nature is physically and mentally demanding. The modern day Fire Fighter can be called on to deal with an ever changing number of emergencies, from a cat stuck in a tree to a rescue from a burning building.

The Fire Service continually look into the future, at new initiatives, techniques and equipment. This commitment has led to the creation of Delroy’s post as a specialist recruitment officer.


Burngreave fire fighters. Delroy Galloway is in the centre.

Individuals or organisations requiring further information please contact: South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Command Headquarters
Wellington Street, Sheffield, S1 3FG

Tel : 0114 2532468


South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is an equal opportunities employer.