logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 25 October 2002.

Eviction - the only solution?

It’s tough living near to families with children who cause damage, commit crimes and terrify their neighbours, especially when they recruit others into gangs. Labelled ‘neighbours from hell’, other residents just want them out. Burngreave has more than its share of problem families because of our area’s cheap rent and social housing.  

If you complain enough and can prove that a family is terrifying your neighbourhood, the Council may eventually evict the family.  That solution shifts the problem to somewhere else, but also makes life worse for the family evicted, inevitably leading to more problems for them and then for others around them.  

Often no one dares to complain.  Instead they call for heavier police presence and CCTV surveillance.  But no government agency is ever going to fund these very expensive options - and do we want to be under constant surveillance?  Does it work anyway?  

Jailing children and putting families in bed and breakfast accomodation are short term, expensive options.  Wouldn’t resources be better used helping families overcome the problems that somehow seem to spread out to damage whole neighbourhoods?  

The Messenger  would like to open up debate and investigate this problem further. What do you think?