Burngreave Messenger

Issue 24 August 2002





Joined up or cut off?
What will the new road mean to us?

In two years time a major new road could be built between Burngreave and the centre of the city. It would complete Sheffield’s inner relief road, running from Parkway across the Wicker and through to Shalesmoor.

Wicker map, as it is today.
The Wicker as it is today...
Wicker map, as it may look.
...and how it will look following the proposed dual carriageway and slip-road from Saville Street.

Another big bite would be taken out of the Wicker. The junction at the bottom of Spital Hill with Savile Street would be rebuilt, and another new road would run from there, on the north side of the Wicker Arches, and through them by means of a new bridge, next to Brunswick Road. As we travel to and from the city centre, we would have two major junctions to cross.

Planners say the inner ring road needs to be completed. They have taken the needs of pedestrians and cyclists into account as much as they can. Brunswick Road would be closed to traffic and would be improved to make a pleasant route for walkers and cyclists. The Wicker between the new road and Lady’s Bridge would be closed to traffic except buses, taxis and cycles. Nursery Street and Blonk Street would have far less traffic, so the riverfront should become more attractive. Traffic planners calculate that traffic on Spital Hill would be reduced by 22 per cent. Corporation Street would be widened and become two-way again, making the route via Pitsmoor Road into a practical way to travel into town. Greasy Vera’s should be preserved and we will campaign for it to be given listed building status.

So should we welcome this development? Many people in Burngreave have expressed reservations. The Messenger contacted Alan Burnell of the Burngreave Buildings Group, who expressed a fear that Burngreave will feel cut off from the centre of town even more than at present, and that the perception from the centre of Spital Hill as somewhere remote and unattractive will be worsened.

Following the recent consultation exercise, a planning application for the new road will be submitted. It will probably be referred to a public inquiry, so there will be plenty of opportunities for local people to express their views. Can you think of any ways that this development can be used as an opportunity to improve the gateway to Burngreave?

Old photo of the Wicker Arches.
From the collections in Sheffield Libraries - not to be reproduced.